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Square Drive In HDG Post Anchor

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Description: Square Drive In HDG Post Anchor
Material: Hot Rolled Steel Film Q-235
Surfacing: Hot Dip Galvanize
Packing: Onto Pallet/Carton&Pallet/Bundle&Pallet or as request
Remark: Custom sizes and shapes are available.

Application for wooden structures,wooden fences and others.

Drive in the ground to support the round wooden post and prevent the post from rotting

General Specification

Size Material Top Sleeve Fin Length Thickness Total Length
48x48x600 Low Carton Steel 48x48x150 450 1.8/2.0 600
51x51x600 Low Carton Steel 51x51x150 450 1.8/2.0 600
49x100x750 Low Carton Steel 49x100x150 600 1.8/2.0 750
71x71x750 Low Carton Steel 71x71x150 600 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5 750
71x71x900 Low Carton Steel 71x71x150 750 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5 900
77x77x750 Low Carton Steel 77x77x150 600 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5 750
91x91x750 Low Carton Steel 91x91x150 600 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5 750
91x91x900 Low Carton Steel 91x91x150 750 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5 900
101x101x900 Low Carton Steel 101x101x150 750 2.0/2.2/2.5/3.0 900
121x121x900 Low Carton Steel 121x121x150 750 2.0/2.2/2.5/3.0 900
141x141x900 Low Carton Steel 141x141x150 750 2.0/2.2/2.5/3.0 900


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